1000 Ausome Things

Ausome Things 101-150

101. screen-shot-2014-04-21-at-6-45-04-pm

102.  A PosAutive poem: “Down by the Riverside

103. Kindergartener’s Short Definition of Autistic

104. Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library

105. Autistic man teaches himself to play organ

106. “Inside Autism“: autistic columnist offers insight and answers about autism

107. Autistic teen proud of who he is

108. Autistic youngster praised for 999 call

109. Autism doesn’t hold back filmmaker

110. “tools of mass creation

111. Austistic Individuals are Running Successful Small Businesses

112. Autistic student’s project benefits shelter pets

113. Man Tailors Inside of House for Cats to Play in

114. Vacuum salesman invited to birthday party

115. Philip, a non-verbal autistic, wrote this piece for World Autism Awareness Day 2015

116. A great explanation of identity-first language

117. Stimtastic: a company for and from autistics

118. The best person for your next hire might be autistic

119. Ocate Cliffs Retreat

120. I Am Joe’s Functioning Label

121. 8 Stunning Portraits of People With Autism That Shatter Stereotypes About the Spectrum

122. Autonomous Press: a publishing company owned and operated by disabled workers

123. Photos from a four-year with autism

124. How being autistic makes me a great pet parent

125. Pushing autism cure is messed up

126. Autistic Pride Day 2015  – Letter to myself as a child

127. Autistic Singer Mike Korins performs a powerful and emotional tribute to Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”.

128. Art exhibit features photography, letters between autistic youth in Tennessee and Vietnam

129. Autistic mom pens trilogy

130. First Autistic Pride Day event held in Reading, UK

131. Autistic boy hand draws t-shirts

132. Autistic gardener donates award-winning garden

133. Meet Britain’s 5-year-old “mini-Monet”

134. Autism Daily Newscast’s “Positive Traits of Autism” series

135. Finding a Different Normal by Jeanette Purkis

136. Drawing Autism

137. Autistic Brandenton skater wins bronze medal in first race

138. Autism in Love documentary

139. Matching autistic people with jobs that need special skills

140. Autistic boy to become Eagle Scout

141. Autistic boy saves great-grandmother from house fire

142. Autistic twins bring inspiration to Boston Marathon

143. 25 people explain autism to someone who’s unfamiliar with it

144. Autistic boy saves sleeping family from gas leak

145. Autism acceptance rises

146. Autistic boy draws world map from memory

147. Autistic boy sends stuffed bear around the world to raise awareness

148. Turning anxiety into decorative art

149. “Respect the stim” images by ink and daggers

150. How autistic adults banded together to start a movement

8 thoughts on “1000 Ausome Things

  1. I think it is wonderfull that you share your story, I’m at a clinicat at the moment and there are people on my group with autism and if you drop the word autism somewhere there are a lot of prejudices and I hate that. so, I think it’s great that you write so open about this subject ! *hugs*


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